Completion Instructions

1.Enter the name and address of Canadian or non-resident exporter who owns the goods when they physically leave Canada
2. Enter your Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) assigned Business Number (BN), which identifies businesses, including non-resident exporters, who deal with Government. To obtain a BN, visit www.businessregistration.gc.ca or telephone 1-800-959-5525. Exporters from non-US countries may telephone (613) 952-3741. If you have a US IRS number enter it also. You may contact L. M. Clark for assignment of a number if you don't have one on file.
3.Full name and address of the shipper if it is different from the Vendor information entered in Field 1.
4.Enter the exporter's internal reference number that the exporter can use to trace the shipment - usually an invoice or purchase order number or an assigned transaction number.
5.Enter the legal purchaser of the goods and the complete address.
6. As in Field 2 instructions enter the Business Number and/or IRS number of the purchaser.
7.If the consignee differs from the Purchaser as entered in Field 5, enter the full name and address.
8. The reference number such as a purchase order number etc. should be completed.
9.Enter the applicable Invoice Number assigned by the vendor for this transaction.
10.Complete this field with the Marks and Numbers that are marked on the shipping cartons.
11.Show the number and type of packaging such as skids, cartons etc.
12.The gross and net weights of the shipment are required.
13.Provide the name of the carrier(s) who will be carrying the goods from origin to destination
14.Show the waybill or B/L Number assigned by the carrier.
15.State the reason for the export of the goods such as a sale, return, loan etc.
16. If the value indicated in Field 34 includes freight enter this amount so that it may be deducted for duty purposes.
17.Domestic freight charges to the point of export from Canada are required.
18.Indicate the country of final destination of the goods.
19.Enter the name of the US Broker responsible for arranging customs clearance of the goods when they enter the United States.
20.The party responsible for any duties, taxes or Brokerage fees should be entered, such as the shipper, purchase, consignee etc.
21.Complete the Account Number associated with Broker entered in the previous field.
22. Show the date that the goods left the supplier/shippers premises.
23.The conditions of sale such as net 30 days, upon receipt etc. are required in this field.
24. Enter the currency applicable to the values shown in Fields 33 & 34.
25. Indicate if the vendor and purchasing companies are related to each other financially.
26. Show the country of origin of each product. This must be where the goods were produced not where they are shipped from.
27.Complete a detailed description of the goods, not just part numbers etc.
28.The Harmonized System classification number must be entered. Contact L. M. Clark if you are unsure of the appropriate number.
29.Provide the quantity of goods such as pairs, units etc. that directly correspond with how the goods are priced.
30.Enter the Unit of Measure that corresponds with the previous field such as each, dozen, etc.
31.Fill in the Unit Price that applies to the Unit of Measure in the previous field.
32. If any discount applies such as a trade discount enter the percentage in this field.
33.The total will calculate automatically based on the data entered in fields 29, 31 & 32.
34.The total of all goods in the shipment will calculate automatically (Sum of all items in field 33).
35. This section must only be completed if the goods being shipped to the United States were produced there and are being shipped back. You must provide the date original export from the United States and at what port they were exported from.
36.Complete with the Originators name (Agent) or if prepared by the vendor, show the name of the employee completing the form. Enter also the phone and Fax number of the originator or vendor who completed the form.