Advance Commercial Importation

The Advance Commercial Importation program is used by many countries in the interest of securing supply chains and protecting society from health, drug, terrorist and other threats.

The system involves the identity of product prior to shipping as well as insuring that those handling goods prior to actual shipment are also not a security risk. This program involves all conveyances, specifically, marine, air cargo, truck and rail.

Specific cargo information must be incorporated on all shipping documents including manifests giving the carriers full product data prior to them loading the goods onto a vessel etc. This data is in many cases provided by shippers electronically to expedite shipment movement.

Counties such as Canada through their customs services, are also requesting advanced cargo information properly classified with the Harmonized System coding. Customs agencies are then able to identify specific products for examination and also risk free commodities.

There is some additional costs for carriers, forwarders and service providers, simply quoted as an ACI fee. The cost is usually minimal and the benefits of knowing that your product moves safely and efficiently without the inherent risks of the past make the program invaluable.


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